PUBG update 22 brings ranking system, going live in October

Upgrade 22 to get the Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown went on the test servers, today. After a lengthy delay, an official system has been added into PUBG. Map choice has returned along with a skin commerce up feature is also included.

Since they play games, Due to the mechanic, gamers will be able to get rankings. A number of eight positions can be found, together with also the Grandmaster and the Bronze. A player’s position is calculated dependent on their factors. At the beginning of each season, you’ll need to play with ten positioning matches that will determine rank factors and your position.

Like the system found in the variant of demotion promotion or the sport is dependent upon your factors that are rank. Different matchmaking for rated doesn’t exist, meaning that can affect your rank.

Update 22 marks the return of map choice. It had been removed together with Sanhok’s accession Although this feature isn’t new to PUBG. Map choice comes with a brand new’Quick Join’ attribute that sets you at the game. A skin commerce up system was added. In a varying level of BP’s price, players may exchange ten things for a single thing of the tier up. After the programmers are happy with its equilibrium the epidermis care system is in testing, and will probably be improved.

A wheel menu was added to recovery and throwable products for effortless and fast accessibility. Similar in functioning just two wheel menus to get recovery items and throwables, to the menu may be retrieved at the push of a button. On the other hand of things, three icons that represent version, packet loss, and latency have been inserted.

The remainder of the update comprises a number of performance enhancements, bug fixes, along with a couple of quality of lifestyle changes. Pay attention to the announcement article to observe the complete collection of limitation notes. Update 22 will likely launch at October on servers.

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